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UVC Sterilizer

UV Sterilization 3 in 1 charging cable , imported antibacterial agent inside ports , UVC Sterilization light  ,sterilization rate up to 99.99%,no radiation /ozone , Remove all kinds of germs , with Micro / Lightning / Type C / connector can perfectly satisfy different devices , also can be charging 3 devices at the same time ,only 21CM ,Sterilization bar : portable UVC BAR With 3 UVC Light ,only 3mins needed ,fast and efficient sterilization , UP TO 99.99%  ,Nice assistant for family , keep you stay healthy ,light weight ,portable design , Sterilization light : light and handy ,connect your phone as it working with 99.99% efficient sterilization  ,, different connector options , Micro / Lightning / Type C.

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